Inspiration that are taken by K-OS for his music

Inspiration that are taken by K-OS for his music

k-os aka Kevin Brereton is a Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer. k-os is known for its uniqueness that combines a variety of musical genres, such as rap, funk, rock, and reggae. The lyrics of the song are typical and always promote a positive message.

Not infrequently also the songs created by k-os contain criticism of the obsession of mainstream hip hop culture for money, fame, and glorification of violence. So far, k-os has produced 5 albums. He is also known to often appear with live bands. This k-os habit is rarely found in rapper performances.

Music or Musicians Who Become Inspiration for Rapper k-os in Working

In working, the k-os is not only inspired by the surroundings. Not infrequently also he was inspired because of other music or musicians. Some musicians who have inspired him are like Michael Jackson, A Tribe Called Quest, The Beatles, The Roots and Stevie Wonder. The world musicians influenced him in the process of making his first new album.

In 1993, k-os released just one single entitled “Musical Essence”. After the single was successful, the k-os got ready to spawn its first album. He also made a different focus on his new music. He recorded a demo and then looked for a record company that wanted to shelter him. Eventually the k-os settled on Capitol Records.

K-OS for his music

Not only have he has been inspired by other musicians, but k-os has also worked with other musicians as well as spawning a work. For example for the album Atlantis: Hymns for Disco. This album was written and produced by k-os, collaborating with Sam Roberts and Buck 65. The album also won success on the top of the Canadian charts.

The album also ranked number five on Music World’s top ten in the first week. k-os also collaborated with the Stephen Lewis Foundation in 2009 in the A Dare to Remember campaign. This campaign aims to raise money for HIV / AIDS patients in Africa.

In 2011, Much Music released MuchMusic presents K-OS Live which featured all live performances from k-os. This CD was released on several parts, starting from Catch 22, Faith Part 2 which collaborated with Drake, and two versions of Holy Cow. In 2003, K-os released a single titled “Get Yourself High” which was the result of collaboration with The Chemical Brother.

This song also succeeded in reaping success. The song “Get Yourself High” was nominated as Best Dance Recording at the Grammy Awards 2005. The Chemical Brothers actually sent 5 songs, and k-os chose to arrange “Get Yourself High” according to his own style through the kinds of inspiration he got.

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