Joyful Rebellion: The Review

Joyful Rebellion: The Review

It will be a very great idea for you to pay more attention to ôJoyful Rebellionö especially when you talk about of the most fabulous Canadian rapper, singer, song maker, and record producer like k-os. This wonderful hip-hop album is actually the second studio album that made k-os get the platinum award in Canada. Aside of that, it had been recognized by the music critics in the country as one of the best albums that have ever existed in the Canadian music industry.

Furthermore, Joyful Rebellion is actually full of the magnificent songs that you will adore so much. One of them is Crabbuckit which refers to a group of crabs which are suffering from the Crab in the Bucket Syndrome. This particular syndrome will make the crabs will never any of them escape from the bucket until their collective demise. It is actually a kind of metaphor that the rapper uses in order to spread the specific message that he wants to share to the other people through his music. Not only that, Emcee Murdah is another track that you can miss when you explore the album. It is because this song will show you how excellent the rap of k-os is. Simply, you will realize that he has the classy talent that can amaze you in the best way. Moreover, there is Crucial that will make you feel the easy listening reggae rhythm and also get the point of the aspirations of the song whenever you listen to it. Next, Man I Used to be is the another cool single that will remind you of the iconic beat of Michael Jacksons Billie Jean. Then, it can be so much more perfect soul jam as there is the sound of the smooth string loops which match its 70s disco tempo. Simply, it is so obvious that it is a hypnotic song you have to play to complete your day.

The ReviewAfter putting it all together, the Joyful Rebellion album is definitely the masterpiece of k-os that you better add to your playlist. Each of the song on the album can really open your eyes to the awesome musical skill of k-os surely. Even, you can also find out the valuable messages every time you listen to the songs as he often tries to criticize the his critical thoughts, social condition, and the state of hip-hop in the modern era.

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