k-os Crabbuckit: The Trivia

k-os Crabbuckit: The Trivia

Crabbuckit is one of the biggest hits of a Canadian hip-hop artist called k-os. This overwhelming song, which was released in 2004, is actually the first single and the fourth song on the album of Joyful Rebellionö. It has got the positive responses from the music lovers and critics as well. According to this, it is no wonder that this song can be so popular among the people. Besides, this fabulous track has so awesome facts which you can find out by reading the trivia below.

Here are the various facts that you have to know about the song Crabbuckit by k-os, which are:

– The reference of the song
The first thing of all is that this song actually refers to the crab in the bucket syndrome which a group of crabs will always keep their collectiveness even until they all have to die. So then, if there is a particular crab that tries to escape, the others will do their best to pull him down. Well, it is such a smart metaphor that k-os does in order to express the message that he wants to speak up to, which is just something that he always does.

Juno Award– The chart performance and award
Furthermore, the second thing that you better know about this cool song has reached the 23th spot on the Canadian Singles Chart, which is a good thing for sure. Then, you can also find this song at the 37th position on the chart of The Greatest Songs of All Time by CBC Radio. Last but not least, the clip of the song had been on the top of the MuchMusic Countdown Chart for two weeks in a row in 2005. Next, this song won a Juno Award for the Single of the Year Category at the 2005 Juno Awards. Even better, he could make a history as he become the first hip-hop artist that won the trophy in the category. So, all of these wonderful achievements of the song have proven that this song become one of the most favorite tracks of the people at the time.

In conclusion, those are some trivia about the interesting son Crabbuckit by k-os. All of them are such the very nice information that will make you fall in love with k-os and all of his works deeper than before. Thus, the Members can be the loyal fan that really knows every fact about the rapper.

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