k-os: His Thoughts on Things

k-os: His Thoughts on Things

k-os, who was born as Kevin Brereton, is one of a kind Canadian rapper that you will admire so much. It is because this amazing musician can always create the fabulous works that are not only entertaining, but also so meaningful. So then, it is actually not surprising id he will really steal the attention of everyone who love the music especially hip-hop music. Then, he even shared his thought about music in Canada in the recent time. So, you do you want to figure them out? If you do, you better check it out below.

It is actually no wonder if k-os has so many thoughts in his mind about the development of the music industry in Canada as he has been there since 1993.In his other words, he shared through that the music in Canada is so much impressive and progressive. It means that there are so many great talented Canadian musicians can show what they have got to the world even in many different genres which can be ranging from pop to hip-hop. Even most of them have received so many excellent appreciations and acknowledgements both from the country and abroad.

k-os His Thoughts on ThingsHowever, there is still a little lack happens when it have not embrace the intelligence of the black yet. Some people rather say conflicted when what they really mean is intelligent. This specific fact is a kind of thing that makes him really confused. In the simple words, it is like there are always doubts every time he wants to do his works in his own way. Thus, perhaps, that is one of the reasons why he created an extravagant double albums Black and Blonde which each version will offer you 10 hip-hop song and 10 indie rock songs. In the end, you will have more remarkable options to choose that suit your style and taste.

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