k-os: The Facts

k-os: The Facts

k-os is a great artist that you cannot miss especially when you speak about great Canadian rappers. This amazing rapper has been recognized as one of the best as he always creates the mind blowing albums and tracks that you will like so much. Besides, he actually has some interesting facts that you might not know before. Then, if you want to find out what those interesting facts are, you better continue reading below.

One of the various facts about k-os that you have to know is that music is something that he always listened to mainly after his family and he moved from Canada to Trinidad. At the time, he made music his best friend since he was 9 years old in order to overcome his loneliness. There are so many musician that he listened to, which can be like Michel Jackson, The Beatles, New Order, Slick Rick, Boogie Down Production, and so many more still. The songs from those musicians can give him the strength and hopes somehow. Furthermore, he found that music could make him powerful and attractive for the people when he joined Anderson Collegiate Vocational Institute. Unfortunately, his father seemed to not support the rapper well. It is because he wanted k-os to enter university instead of being a musician. So, in order to make his father happy, he joined Carleton University in Ottawa (1992), and then come back to Toronto to study at York University. The best thing about it is that he could meet Nigel Williams that encouraged him to pursue and develop his passion in music.

Thus, those are some of the interesting facts about k-os that you have to know. Additionally, he has just released his latest track titled No Bucks that you better add to your playlist. So, it is a must for you to get on many various legal platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, and so on.

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