K-OS the rapper and his difference with other rapper

K-OS the rapper and his difference with other rapper

Have you ever heard of the rapper k-os name? He is a rapper from Canada. The name k-os in the world of rap music is actually very global. The rapper with real name Kevin Brereton is also known as a songwriter, and producer. Almost all the songs and albums he produced himself.

During this time, the k-os is also known to often combine various types of music genres, such as rap, funk, rock, and reggae. k-os is known because the rap music that it produces is always full of positive messages. So far there have been 6 albums that he released since being active in the world of rap music. He also had time to work together with several other musicians.

Privileges of k-os Rapper Compared to Other Rapper

k-os is known as a unique rapper. When comparing with other rappers, k-os has a more distinctive style. One of them is in his appearance. k-os always appears using a live band. Not infrequently also he plays guitar and keyboard well during live shows and in the studio. k-os is a musician who can never be satisfied. He had a vacuum in 1996 after releasing his second single titled “Rise Like the Sun”.

k-os admitted, his decision to vacuum was influenced because of his dissatisfaction with the music he had made. But a few years later in 2002, he released his first debut album. This first album reaped positive reviews everywhere, but the sales were relatively small. k-os then released their second album Joyful Rebellion in 2004, which received a platinum award in Canada.

k-os also has a unique stage name using all lowercase letters. The use of these lowercase letters is different from most rapper names that use uppercase letters. k-os also explained that the stage name stands for Knowledge of Self. But in several interviews, k-os said that his stage name was an acronym for Kevin Original Sound.

During this time the lyrics of the k-os song are always unique and full of positive messages. He often issued his criticism of mainstream hip hop culture that is synonymous with money, fame and breeding violence. k-os is also writing and producing almost every part of the four albums.

Identical rap music is known as a medium for expression. the k-os itself made a song which was considered to be an allusion to K¡¯Naan. But it turns out that this is just a rumor. K-os has denied the rumor. Unlike most rap musicians, k-os often participate in the humanitarian movement. One of them was working with the Stephen Lewis Foundation in the A Dare to Remember campaign in 2009. This campaign aims to raise money for patients with HIV / AIDS in Africa.

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