k-os: The Review of Sunday Morning MV

k-os: The Review of Sunday Morning MV

K-os is known so well as one of the great Canadian hip-hop musicians that can always steal your attention impressively through his awesome songs that you will adore so much. Then, speaking if his amazing hits, you cannot miss Sunday Morning for sure. This particular song had been released as the part of his album Atlantis: Hymns for Disco in 2007. It reached the 19th spot on the Canadian Single Chart, and also hit number 5 on the MuchMusic Countdown, which means that it became the second highest charting song by k-os. Aside of that, he also performed this nice song in many shows and gigs surely.

Furthermore, Sunday Morning was visualized in to an incredible music video (MV) which consists of three parts. The first part shows k-os is talking with a friend on the outside before he starts the show. Suddenly, there is a boy tell s him that his drummer cannot join the team because he is sick. Fortunately, k-os can find a skilled drummer, Sebastian Grainger, to play the instrument in the street. Afterwards, there are two girls that try to attract the drummer, so that he tells them to wait for him there. Yet, those girls quickly think that the drummer will only play and finally leave them with a broken heart in the end. Moreover, the second part shows you the moment when k-os sings and dances at the school. All of the students are wearing the 80s or 90s themed stuff when they want to take some pictures together. Next, you will see k-os is walking in a stunning grassy hillside while playing an acoustic guitar. Well, all of those three parts somehow can make the video so simply astonishing to watch. So then, there will be so many people that can enjoy this music video at without feeling bored so easily.

k-os Review dari Sunday Morning MVAfter putting it all together, those are some parts of the music video of Sunday Morning by k-os. Each of the parts actually is actually about the fun things that you should do during your cold spare morning on the Sunday. So, this video seems to show you that you better enjoy your life and every single moment in it. By doing so, you will probably see something beautiful or even get the exciting experiences that have ever happened in your entire life. In the end, you do not have to be lonely like you get trapped in the different world you do not know.

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