k-os: His Cool Music

k-os: His Cool Music

k-os: His Cool Music – k-os has been acknowledged as one of the most fabulous rappers that you have to listen to. It is all because his music is such a masterpiece that you cannot ignore at all. In the simple words, his cool music will really excite you in the best way possible, which is something that many mumble rappers cannot do. So then, do not ever be surprised if you can fall in love with the songs k-os ever created once you have listened to them. Moreover, there are actually some nice facts about k-os’ cool music that you can find out below.
– The Various Genres Combination
Well, one of some remarkable facts about the cool music of k-os is its awesome exploration especially when you play Atlantis: Hymns for Disco. In the other words, you will find that k-os’ songs combine so various genres of music so greatly, which are like pop, rock, reggae, and so on. Each of them will smoothly blend and beautify his typical rap music, and add some good touch to his music as well. So then, you can find the unique vibe you have never predicted before whenever you listen to any song of the rapper. Next, the best thing about it is that the music exploration he does will never make him leave his concept a hip hop artist. He just wants to sound original and true, so that he can relate to his loyal listeners through his songs.

– The Inspiring Influence
Furthermore, the cool music of k-os can give you the inspiring influence through the lyrics he created. There are the meaningful words he wants to express to the people for sure. They spread the very positive messages which you can definitely relate to your life. Aside of that, you can also find some metaphors added to the lyrics as he wanted to speak up about a particular thing artistically. One of the most popular metaphoric songs is called “Crabbuckit” that was released in 2004. This amazing song refers to the crabs with the bucket syndrome.

These crabs will keep their collectiveness as well as possible no matter what happens even if they have to die. So, there will be no crab that can escape as the other crabs will try to pull it down. In addition, he often be a part of a humanitarian campaign that can make him someone that you always look up to as a good role model.

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