Popular and Trendy song from K-OS

Popular and Trendy song from K-OS

For rap music lovers, who doesn’t know k-os? This rapper has been famous since a dozen years ago. His real name is Kevin Brereton. He is known as a rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer from Canada. His stage names, which use lowercase letters, are all meant to be different from other rappers who usually use all capital letters.

k-os combines a variety of music genres, such as rap, funk, rock, and reggae. The lyrics of the song are typical and always promote a positive message. Sometimes the song lyrics he created also expressed criticism of the obsession with mainstream hip hop culture for money, fame and glorification of violence. k-os has written and produced four albums. Usually he appears along with live bands, something that is rarely found in rapper appearances.

Popular songs from Rapper k-os

k-os released its first single to rap music in 1993. The single titled “Musical Essence” was funded by VideoFACT. At that time he was still studying at York University. The single was produced along with his friends, Clarence Gruff and Kevein Risto. Unexpectedly, the first single he released was successfully won the MuchMusic Video Award.

The single was a success and brought k-os invited to the 1995 Hip Hop Explosion Tour. In 1996, he released a single titled “Rise Like the Sun”. After the single was released, the K-os suddenly pulled out of the music industry. He said that during this time he was completing several albums but still felt dissatisfied.

Popular and Trendy song from K-OS

In 2002, K-os released his first album with the single “Heaven Only Knows”. Like the first single, the video clip for “Heaven Only Knows” was also sponsored by VideoFACT.

Then for the second single, “Superstar Pt. Zero “was awarded the Best Music Video at the 2003 Urban Awards X-Posure. The first album from the k-os was described as a careful mix between hip-hop, soul, rock, R & B, and a touch of reggae. Even Billboard called the first album k-os as one of the best hip hop albums from Canada.

In 2003, k-os collaborated with The Chemical Brothers on the single “Get Yourself High”. The song k-os has reaped success and popularity. “Get Yourself High” was nominated as Best Dance Recording at the 2005 Grammy Awards. The k-os revealed that The Chemical Brothers actually sent 5 songs, and he chose “Get Yourself High” to make his version.

In the same year, the song “Freeze” was displayed in the song list for SSX 3. During his career, k-os had spawned 6 studio albums, from 2002 to 2015. There were 3 compilation albums and two mixtapes.

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