Several Sensitive Things That K-OS Touch In His Music

Several Sensitive Things That K-OS Touch In His Music

Several Sensitive Things That K-OS Touch In His Music – For those of you who like to listen to rap music, surely you already know that often the lyrics in rap music contain a special message that the rapper wants to convey. Actually this applies in all types of music genres. But rap grew from the lower classes who wanted their voices to be heard. So rap music is often flavored with criticism or satire.

One rapper who has song lyrics full of messages is k-os. He is a rap musician known for his unique lyrics and always dares to criticize the mainstream hip hop world. Not only that, the k-os also achieves and has received various kinds of awards that he has won through his works. k-os is also known to often participate in various humanitarian campaigns.

The Things That Become the Inspiration of Rapper k-os in his Music

The uniqueness of the k-os as a rapper has actually been seen from the selection of his stage name. He chose a stage name that uses all lowercase letters in order to reduce the aggressiveness that is usually found in rapper names that use all uppercase letters. k-os explains its name as an acronym of Knowledge of Self.

But in several interviews, he claimed that k-os was an acronym for Kevin Original Sound. The lyrics made by the k-os have been full of positive messages. The criticism he makes through songs usually leads to mainstream hip hop culture which is often synonymous with money, fame and glorification of violence.

He is unique because it often appears using a live band. In addition, k-os also played keyboard and guitar well during live shows. Some of the singles that he released managed to reap success. His first single, entitled “Musical Essence”, was released in 1993.

Several Sensitive Things That K-OS Touch In His Music

Then k-os had a vacuum in 1996 after releasing his second album because he was not satisfied with the music that had been produced. k-os returned with its debut album in 2002. Although the first album received positive reviews from online gambling fans but his music albums sell were relatively small. K-os then released their second album Joyful Rebellion in 2004, which received a platinum award in Canada.

k-os makes the music as a medium for expression. This can be seen from how much positive influence he gave to the loyal listeners of his music. He doesn’t just like to criticize, some of the insinuations are also released through his song. His song titled B-Boy Stance was reported as a satire to fellow rapper K’Naan.

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