The Early Life k-os

The Early Life k-os

k-os, whose real name is Kevin Brereton, has been known as the best Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, and music producer. The name of k-os is actually an acronym that stands for ôKnowledge of Self. Yet, in one of the later interviews, he stated that his stage name actually stand for KevinÆs Original Sound.

k-os was born February 20, 1972 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada has two younger brothers called Joshua and Andrew Richard who had been raised the Trinidadian parents. At the beginning, all of them lived happily in Canada. Yet, all the members of the family had to move from Canada to Trinidad when Kevin was still at the third grade. Since then, he surrounded himself with any kinds of music. So, it is actually no wonder if he becomes a big fan of so many cool musicians such as Michael Jackson, Slick Rick, The Beatles, New Order, Boogie Down Production, and so on. Furthermore, after many years later, his mother and he returned to Canada and left his father behind in Trinidad as he had to work there as a computer engineer. Then, they lived in the town of Whitby that is located on the east of Toronto while being a student of Anderson Collegiate Vocational Institute. In fact, at this moment, he found that singing and music are the passion of his life as he could attract other people to him, so that he felt so powerful.

The Early Life k-osUnfortunately, his father was more supportive if he went to the university instead of pursuing his career in music. So, he joined a Carleton University in Ottawa (1992), and then come back to Toronto to enroll. There, he met a best friend named Nigel Williams (the member of Pocket Dwellers band) who encouraged and supported him to develop his skill and career in music even in the darkest time.

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