The Return of k-os: “No Bucks”

The Return of k-os: “No Bucks”

k-os is one of the notable Canadian rappers that must steal your attention every time he makes his fabulous works. It can be seen when you really pay more attention to his platinum awarded albums which some of them are Exit (2002) and Joyful Rebellion (2004). Then, the album that he released lastly, which is Can’t Fly without Gravity (2015) is the other great album that you better add to your collection. Unfortunately, after releasing the album, he seems to take a break time for some years. So then, it is actually no wonder that there are so many fans really cannot wait for him to make his comeback.

Well, it feels like God has listened to the wishes of the fans when k-os finally return to the industry as he releases “No bucks”. This particular song will definitely make you hear the perfect combination of the nice beats and the whistling sound of the guitar pop. This kind of music will bring you the classic impression of hip-hop that you will fall in love with instantly for sure.

No Bucks

Furthermore, the inspiration of the song actually came to the rapper when he realized that the art and culture of every generation will be able to last forever. Basically, all of the good music will be lasting through many years no matter what. This specific fact might be so terrifying for other musician unless k-os. Nobody in knows that the songs or any artistic works they create now can be so relevant still in the future.

In addition, there is something else that the fans have to anticipate for as the rapper has been working on the newest EP. He really hopes that his latest works can be released this fall. So, let’s get and listen to “No Bucks” until the EP is released to hit the market.

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