The True Name of k-os

The True Name of k-os

The True Name of k-os – After staying in the music industry for 27 years, k-os collected several different stage names. However, as the change is not very concrete, they may confuse new fans. If you are one of them, say no more – learn about k-os’ names below and answer all of your questions.
– k-os Real Name
Before becoming k-os, he is Kevin Brereton – A Canadian born in St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto. Both his parents are Trinidadian Jehovah’s Witnesses. During his childhood, Brereton did move to Trinidad for several years – these are the years that gave him music exposure, which began in a version of his homesickness to Canada.

After coming back to the country with his mother in his teen years, Brereton was inspired to pursue his music career after performing at his high school gym assembly. After that, Brereton attended York University until 1993, when he was offered his first record deal and fully pursue his music career under the name k-os. This is the start when he started to get real famous, as famous as online slot games in

– Stage Name Variation
Though written in lower case, k-os is an acronym for Knowledge of Self, a reference to a psychological term which assesses how well one knows about themselves. However, in an interview with Daily Orange (2011), k-os clarified the acronym to be ‘Kevin’s Original Sound’ instead, with Kevin derived from his real name. Sometimes, his given name is cited as KHeaven as well.

These variations aside, media mostly refer him as k-os and k-os alone. His real name is barely used unless there’s a short biography inserted in interviews and such. The meaning of the acronym are also rarely mentioned unless the question was asked. Meanwhile, the nickname Kheaven sometimes used to cite him, though this practice only appears later into his career.

– Why k-os?
While acronyms are usually written in caps, k-os specifically decided to write his stage name using the lower case for a reason. Following one of his themes, criticism against hip hop culture, his stage name was written in such a way to appeal less aggressive compared to other rappers who tend to write their stage names all caps. k-os itself is pronounced like the word ‘chaos’.

So, what’s k-os true name? As a person, the answer would be Kevin Brereton. However, as an artist, the name k-os is the most popular. Just note that sometimes he can be referred to as KHeaven, Knowledge of Self, or simply Kevin Original Sound at times – and these references itself are actually rare anyway!

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