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Korean American Music

K-OS Music

A mix of K-Pop music and American accents

New releases

Discover new releases that pop up on a regular basis – keep up to date with the latest trends in Korean American music.

Discover new releases that pop up on a regular basis – keep up to date with the latest trends in Korean American music.

Released in 2020

Jessica Jung

Discovering Korean American music

South Korean music has taken the western world over like a storm – the two worlds have mixed in a beautiful cocktail of different cultural influences.

Korean American music can be described as a relatively new genre. It is usually performed by American artists of Korean descent or vice versa. The genre has a strong K-Pop influence, as it derives from South Korean music. However, fans will easily identify American accents. Sometimes, these accents refer to the language, as the tunes go in English. Other times, Korean music simply goes on American negatives for a more authentic result.

New Releases

Eric Park
Coffee Prince White Love Story
Super One 1

Next Tour

Krystal Jung goes on tour


Krystal Jung has planned a massive tour around Europe and the USA in the spring and summer of 2021. Tickets are already available for sale. The prestigious singer will visit 12 European countries and 42 cities, as well as 25 states and 40 cities in the USA.

Nicole Park promotes a new album


Nicole Park’s new album is scheduled for the beginning of 2021. The artist will also organize a tour to promote it. Tour dates and locations are not decided yet, but she will only visit Asian countries to introduce her fans to the new album.

Peniel Shin brings back good memories


Peniel Shin’s upcoming tour will brings back some good memories, introducing new and old fans to some of the artist’s most famous tunes. While there are no albums planned for the future, the artist will surprise his fans with most of his hits.

Latest Articles

Guide to Red JongKong Kratom

Kratom is a tree grown in Southeast Asia mainly Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. The leaves of the tree are often used as medicines and for recreational purposes from ancient times by natives.

Red JongKong Kratom is one of the strains of Kratom tree from Borneo island. The name of the Red JongKong Kratom comes from the red color of the veins of its leaves. In general, many times strain are named after their origin place, but JongKong name is given by the locals of Kalimantan Barat region which is a remote village in Borneo. The village is isolated and very difficult to reach; It can only be reached by Kapuas River. This makes the availability of this strain rare.

Red Vein JongKong Kratom is one of the most effective kratom strains because of its high alkaloid content. The use of Red JongKong has many positive effects and also some negative ones. While using it, it’s essential to choose the right quantity because of its high dosage sensitivity and not to get addicted to it.

Red JongKong Kratom Effects

When you are going to take a drug that affects your body substantially, you should know about its effects in detail. Having a lot of advantages, Red JongKong Kratom Effects is one of the most preferred red strains. The primary benefits or effects of Red JongKong are-

  1. Helps in opiate withdrawal- It is a highly addictive agent that affects the sympathetic nervous system. It is highly effective against Opioid withdrawal symptoms. It is a safe option to treat addiction
  2. Reduces stress and anxiety- Many people have reported a reduction in their stress and anxiety levels while using JongKong Red Vein Kratom. This effect might vary from person to person, but if you are suffering from high stress and anxiety, it may help reduce
  3. Chronic pain relief- The presence of a considerate number of anti-toxicants and alkaloids make JongKong Red Vein an effective analgesic. It helps in reducing pain levels and is much safer than painkillers that are filled with harmful
  4. Decreases Appetite- JongKong Red Vein helps to reduce appetite and helps you limit your daily calories by a substantial margin. If you are looking forward to losing weight but are having a hard time managing your calories, then Red Bali may come in
  5. Helps to battle insomnia- Getting good sleep is complimentary to low anxiety and stress levels. JongKong Red Kratom comes in handy when you are having trouble sleeping and are looking for a viable

Every drug or medicine that has some positives also brings some negatives with it. JongKong Red Kratom is no different. Despite having many benefits, there are also some minor side-effects when used in small quantities. Some of the minor side-effects are:

  • nausea
  • tongue numbness
  • hallucinations
  • aggression
  • constipation
  • thyroid problems

The effects it causes if not used in the right quantity and getting a possible overdose are far more concerning. Some of the significant side-effects are:

  • Brain swelling
  • liver damage
  • seizure
  • death

Kratom Red Vein JongKong users also experience withdrawal effects that include twitching eyes, diarrhea, watery eyes, anxiety, anger, muscle pain, trouble sleeping and many more.

Is Red JongKong Kratom Right for you?

Kratom Red JongKong is not for everyone, and there are some particular categories of people that should keep their hand away from this drug. It’s important to note that even if you don’t belong to the groups mentioned below, but are facing side-effects, we recommend you consult a doctor.

  1. Pregnant/breastfeeding women- Pregnancy is a delicate state for women, and there isn’t any concrete information regarding the safety of using Kratom for pregnant ladies. So, its recommended to stay on the safe side.
  2. Alcohol dependency- Studies show that people who are both addicted to alcohol and Kratom have a high rate of suicide as compared to people who are only addicted to Kratom so if you are an alcohol addict its best to avoid Red JongKong.
  3. Mental disorders- People with psychiatric conditions may see their conditions worsen with the use of Kratom. There is a higher risk of suicide for people who are having any mental issues and are also using

How Much Red JongKong Kratom Should I take?

To prevent any possible side effects and to use the Red Vein JongKong Kratom effectively it’s very important to know the right amount of dosage for you. Here is a list of the dosages you can choose from according to your needs.

  • Beginner Dosage – 5g
  • Light Dose – 0-2.5g
  • Moderate Dose – 5-4.0g
  • High Dose – 0-6.0g

We would recommend you start from Beginner’s dosage and move up as your tolerance builds up. But, an important thing to remember is not to cross High Dosage as it has a considerable risk of overdose and in some cases may even cause death.

Where to buy Red JongKong Kratom

One of the advantages of choosing Red JongKong Kratom strain over other strains is its effectives and potency. However, you may not find it easily with all online vendors. However, with BKN Kratom, it is available in stock most of the time and so is easy to get your hands on. Red JongKong comes both in powder and capsules so you can find what you

White Maeng Da Kratom – Benefits & Buying Guide

What is Kratom?

  • Kratom is a tree found in parts of Southeast Asia including Thailand and Malaysia.
  • Mitragynine, the active ingredient of kratom, is present in her leaves.
  • Mitragynine has energizing effects at lower dosages. It has sedative effects, at higher doses.
  • In many countries around the world, including Australia, Thailand and Denmark, Kratom is illegal.
  • While legally valid in the United States, there have been efforts to restrict access to and regulate the substance.

About Maeng Da

Maeng da applies to many forms of allegedly powerful and long-lasting kratom.

Maeng da originated in Thailand, but there are also varieties of Indonesian and Malaysian Maeng da. Maeng da may be in the colour black, red, or white. The white is called “White Maeng Da Kratom”

White Maeng Da Kratom is said to act as a stimulant, increasing energy, while at the same time stimulating well-being feelings and growing pain. After taking White Vein Maeng Da Kratom, some people report feeling talkative.

White Vein Maeng Da Benefits

  • White Vein Maeng Da most important feature which makes it stand out from the competition and other variants is that it’s far stronger than the others. This implies that, for equally effective performance, this form of Kratom can be ingested in smaller quantities. Taking the White Maeng Da in small amounts makes the user feel more awake and alert about the environment, which makes it an excellent medication for improving brain function.
  • Maeng Da White Vein Kratom has been repeatedly reviewed by consumers of the Maeng Da variant that the use of this medicine has improved their ability to concentrate on their work and their tasks, thus increasing their efficiency. Scientific research elaborates that Maeng Da White Vein has a direct effect on the body’s cerebral system , making it a brain drug or a mental enhancement medicine that can be used in small amounts as a supplement to improve the ability to work and focus more on the work.
  • It was also clarified in depth that Maeng Da White Kratom users feel less tired of working and will continue to work for much longer periods of time. Tasks such as learning and working on the computer will cause the brain to absorb energy very quickly which can lead to tiredness to follow shortly afterwards. It is where this drug can be of specific benefit and therefore function as a way to remove exhaustion.
  • The Kratom White Vein Maeng Da gives its consumers a noticeable benefit in the form of an enhanced sense of accomplishment and excitement. It is especially appreciable because instead of merely stimulating the functions of the brain to operate for longer periods of time or at a higher speed, the drug actually enhances positive thinking and behaviour in a person while promoting vitality in the person.
  • Kratom White Maeng Da consumers say they sensed a sense of motivation to work more, to work harder and to work faster. This means that customers are packed with a desire to work harder after ingestion of this medication as they believe it makes them more positive towards work. Most people believe that they take this drug when they feel stressed and their morale shakes, to improve their confidence and to give their mind power. The White Vein Maeng Da Kratom lack of alkaloids renders it a highly concentrated drug.

Where to Buy White Maeng Da Kratom

  1. BKN Kratom

BKN provides White Maeng Da Kratom powder and capsules with the most potent, fresh, high quality and best consistency. A Kratom originates from Thai forests, where the plant is cultivated locally. — bottle contains 50 and100 capsules containing 500 mg of Kratom powder freely delivered with a 100 % money back guarantee.

  1. PurKratom

PurKratom sells Digestible White Maeng Da Kratom capsules of high quality, easy to use. That bottle contains 50 capsules of Kratom powder that hold 500 mg (0.5 g). The retailer also deals with White Kratom powder, which costumers who believe it is 100 percent pure and very successful buy extensively. PurKratom is one of the most reputable retailers, selling only Kratom of the highest standard with a guaranteed 30 day money back.


White Maeng Da Kratom is among the most purchased strains on because of its high relaxing and energizing properties. The Seller markets the merchandise by weight (1 oz., two oz., 8 oz. and 1 lb.) and offers free priority delivery on domestic orders of $50 or more.

Top 3 Best Places to Buy Kratom Online

Kratom is an ancient flavoring remedy originally used as a stimulant and narcotic alternative throughout Southeast Asia—namely Asian nation and Thailand, the trees’ native habitats. Kratom brands has recently been gaining in quality as a natural and effective energy-booster further as having different healing properties that interest many varieties of individuals. The plant conjointly has gained abundant recognition for a range of different reasons: not solely is Kratom a natural energy-booster, it is conjointly an amazing sedative that helps with narcotic withdrawal.

The leaves of the Kratom tree turn out an opioid-type substance referred to as alkaloids, natural compounds that stimulate cell receptors, primarily telling them to induce going. Samples of well-known alkaloids embrace painkiller, bronchodilator, and alkaloid.

Kratom may be a sedative, stimulant, mood-enhancer, addiction-mediator and pain reliever. At the correct dose, it will create one feel stronger, happier, livelier and a lot of impelled however still calm. Here, we will discuss the various ways in which Kratom are often used as a stimulant, different brand of kratom and places to buy kratom online.

Kratom may be a well-known choice for clearing up brain fog, serving you to feeling clear-headed and creating you a lot of impelled and economical. Users report a gentle, non-jittery “high” that usually lasts for a number of hours. They claim to expertise a lot of alertness, less anxiety, and a lot of clarity once ingesting Kratom. Users report an overall sense of well-being and focus once taking bound strains of Kratom in bound doses. They are a lot of impelled and assured and feel a lot of energy each physically and mentally—basically, Kratom offers a solid sense of flow to AN otherwise long and trying day. It is conjointly reportedly nice for athletes United Nations agency to wish to extend endurance.

Users report less social anxiety and overall anxiety, less pain (so a lot of endurance, as within the case of athletes), and even a lot of creativeness in bound doses. In general, a decent dose, to begin with, is regarding a pair of grams before operating your high from there. With Kratom, the consequences could appear opposite to what you’ve practiced from most different substance: the larger the indefinite quantity, the lot of relaxed you would possibly be, and therefore the smaller the indefinite quantity, the a lot of its doubtless to act as a stimulant…but as long as you have got a decent understanding of the sort of Kratom that you’re taking.

The main concern is finding the right Kratom online suppliers that can be very challenging and tricky. This is more relevant if you are new buyer and hence, we have made a list of the best Kratom vendors and reviewed them. Let’s start by understanding the types of kratoms.

Understanding Kratom Types:

There are many different types of kratom, but they fit into three primary categories:

  • Red kratom
  • White kratom
  • Green kratom

Various strains are available for all the three types. We have looked into 100’s of Kratom vendors before finalizing the 3 best places to buy kratom online.

  1. Bulk Kratom Now (BKN):

Even though being new in the market, they sell one the best quality of kratom. With various strains available, the owners, being kratom enthusiast, understand what quality means to the buyer and hence strive in providing the best quality.

They sell kratom in bulk, for wholesale prices, giving strong products. They have various strains available

  1. Maeng da:

Known to provide long-lasting and strong effects.

Grows in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia and are available in green, white and red versions of the plant.

  1. Indo:

Short for Indonesia/

This type of kratom comes in green, white and red colours.

  1. Bali:

This strain of kratom originates from Bali.

  1. Green Malay:

Malaysian strain known for its dark green colour.

  1. Thai:

This kratom is also red, white or green.

Most popular strains in the market.

  1. Borneo:

The strain originates in Borneo.

Comes in all three colours.

For the best quality product at reasonable rate, do try BKN.

  1. The Golden Monk (TGM):

One of the best online vendors so far. TGM never compromises with its quality. Their kratom is pure, effective and affordable. Known for premium kratom supplier, The Golden Monk is from Las Vegas, Nevada. They sell powder as well as capsules.

They are an audited member of the American Kratom Association cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) program. They conduct a total of 6 lab tests per ton. These tests include:

  • microbe screening (mold, yeast, bacteria and pathogens)
  • heavy metals screening (lead, arsenic, mercury and cadmium)
  • alkaloid screening (mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine).

When you need the best, untainted kratom then TGM is your best shot.

  1. Kats Botanical:

One of the best kratom suppliers guaranteeing optimum quality of kratom. Their kratom is Indonesian in origin. Only 100% organic farming techniques are used for the cultivation of these kratoms. Also, only matured leaves are used.

You can purchase Kratom in many forms; for example, kratom powder, Stem, Vein, kratom extract, crushed leaf, or wholesale kratom.

If you check review website, the company has got great reviews from its customers, maintaining good customer relationship.


There are various online kratom vendors that supply good product. But these are the top 3 best online suppliers that we are happy to suggest you. They are the best dealers in kratom industry with unparalleled quality and price as well.