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Korean American Music

K-OS Music

A mix of K-Pop music and American accents

New releases

Discover new releases that pop up on a regular basis – keep up to date with the latest trends in Korean American music.

Discover new releases that pop up on a regular basis – keep up to date with the latest trends in Korean American music.

Released in 2020

Jessica Jung

Discovering Korean American music

South Korean music has taken the western world over like a storm – the two worlds have mixed in a beautiful cocktail of different cultural influences.

Korean American music can be described as a relatively new genre. It is usually performed by American artists of Korean descent or vice versa. The genre has a strong K-Pop influence, as it derives from South Korean music. However, fans will easily identify American accents. Sometimes, these accents refer to the language, as the tunes go in English. Other times, Korean music simply goes on American negatives for a more authentic result.

New Releases

Next Tour

Krystal Jung goes on tour


Krystal Jung has planned a massive tour around Europe and the USA in the spring and summer of 2021. Tickets are already available for sale. The prestigious singer will visit 12 European countries and 42 cities, as well as 25 states and 40 cities in the USA.

Nicole Park promotes a new album


Nicole Park’s new album is scheduled for the beginning of 2021. The artist will also organize a tour to promote it. Tour dates and locations are not decided yet, but she will only visit Asian countries to introduce her fans to the new album.

Peniel Shin brings back good memories


Peniel Shin’s upcoming tour will brings back some good memories, introducing new and old fans to some of the artist’s most famous tunes. While there are no albums planned for the future, the artist will surprise his fans with most of his hits.

Latest Articles

Snail Vibe the big daddy of sex toys will make you forget everything else.

I have used a lot of sex toys. And, by a “lot,” I do mean a LOT. So it’s scarce that a sex toy would baffle me. Most are just quirky modifications of each other, but the Snail vibe surely did crack my head.


I’ve been playing around with myself for quite a few years with dozens of toys, so I can usually tell what a toy is capable of just by the looks of it.

Throw me a dildo, a thruster, an anal bead, or a plug, and I can tell you which one’s what just by the sound of it. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but you get what I’m trying to say. I can tell a buttplug from a prostate massager from 5 meters away.

But this email vibe just confused me.

The Snail Vibe at is tagged under the “Vibrators” section, so I was sure something was going to buzz, but I had no idea which part of it would – at least not by its looks.


I stared at the photos of this hideous item, trying to understand its functionality. It looks ridiculous. I’ve tried many toys with attractive and functional curves, but that wasn’t the right word. It was more curly than curvy.

I was very much intrigued, though. The Snail vibe looked so bizarre that I had to try it. *Kinky*


Snail vibe is the upgraded version of Rabbit vibes.


I love rabbit vibrators. In theory, they are the epitome of perfection. They are this single cute toy with two vibrators. One is insertable and gives your G-spot a nasty buzz. While the other is housed in a flexible little rabbit ear that pleases your clitoris simultaneously. At least, that’s what it’s supposed to do.


In practice, however, you don’t get the two sensations you crave. In most cases, you’ll have to pick one. Either go forth with fucking yourself with a vibrating dildo or tease your clitoris with the vibrating ears.

The worst sensation is that if you pull the toy out too far while pounding yourself with it, you also move the little rabbit’s ear away from your clitoris. So instead of a highly pleasurable continuous vibration on your clit, you get an intermittent tease – it’s like you were slowly tapping your clit with a vibrator.

I mean, it’s not a bad thing. Like all sorts of teasing, it might feel enjoyable and arousing. But it’s not my way to wreck my bed. I crave constant clitoris action while getting pounded.


The problem is for real.


You can get that steady stimulation by holding the rabbit vibrator in place and giving yourself very shallow thrusts. That way, you get vibrations on your clit.

But then you’re missing out on the best part of using an insertable toy – the feeling of getting pounded by it.

That’s why I’m personally not a huge fan of rabbit vibes.

I usually use a long dildo or an insertable vibrator for internal stimulation and then pleasure my clit with another vibrator or a wand. And that’s precisely why I’ve been going bonkers about the Snail vibe since I got it.

Because it’s not a snail – it’s the evolved version of rabbit, in disguise.

Just like a rabbit, it has two motors for vibration. One is placed internally for all your self-fucking pleasure. The other is in the correct position to treat your clit like a queen.

Except it doesn’t hop back and forth as your typical rabbit does. The vibrator stays pressed on your clitoris thanks to its innovative design – even if you pound yourself all in. Yup, it’s genius. And this is why the toy looks so damn weird.


Time to put the toy to the test


I had to put this insane toy to the test. I switched on my go-to video (don’t judge!) for solo nights, warmed up with a lil bit of fingering and teasing, and grabbed the snail vibe. I lubed up the Snail vibe and gently slid it in me. As the purple vibe made its way inside me, I could feel every inch. I was aware of it unfurling as I slid it deeper inside me. The vibrations soon started hitting my G-spot, and it DOES feel amazing.

The dual stimulation on my clit felt incredible too. I kept pumping as hard as possible and didn’t feel the vibrations leave my clit – not even for a second.

It felt like a dream come true. It’s precisely how you hope a rabbit vibrator feels before you’re forced to tone down your expectations.

I tried everything possible to shake that shell vibrator out of its place.

I fucked myself hard, giving myself everything the toy’s long shaft could give. I went with long, slow thrusts, pulling out the toy as far as possible without losing the internal vibrations.

It could handle all of it – no matter what I did, the buzzing against my clit never stopped or lost any of its intensity.

And yes, it made me cum. Very well at that – a fast and hard orgasm every single time.


I’ll bid farewell to all other toys for now.


If you’ve ever been disappointed by the rabbit vibrator, I recommend trying out the Snail Vibe. The snail makes a perfect toy to use even with a partner because it doesn’t take a lot of precision to get a lot of pleasure out of it. You might need a bit of practice, but you’ll get all the great pumps no matter how they fuck you with it. It’s like a foolproof orgasm giver — and a blended one too.


Furthermore, it’s waterproof, so you can make your bathtime even more satisfying and relaxing than they already are.

Plus, you also get an excellent storage case. I know that doesn’t sound like a deal breaker, but it means the Snail isn’t going to be a toy you’ll dump in your drawer and forget.


Also, like me, If you saw this toy and thought it looked way too weird to be pleasurable… I highly recommend giving it another look. It’ll pleasure every part of your body so well you’ll wonder why more toys don’t curl the way this one does!