Kratom is a tree grown in Southeast Asia mainly Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. The leaves of the tree are often used as medicines and for recreational purposes from ancient times by natives.

Red JongKong Kratom is one of the strains of Kratom tree from Borneo island. The name of the Red JongKong Kratom comes from the red color of the veins of its leaves. In general, many times strain are named after their origin place, but JongKong name is given by the locals of Kalimantan Barat region which is a remote village in Borneo. The village is isolated and very difficult to reach; It can only be reached by Kapuas River. This makes the availability of this strain rare.

Red Vein JongKong Kratom is one of the most effective kratom strains because of its high alkaloid content. The use of Red JongKong has many positive effects and also some negative ones. While using it, it’s essential to choose the right quantity because of its high dosage sensitivity and not to get addicted to it.

Red JongKong Kratom Effects

When you are going to take a drug that affects your body substantially, you should know about its effects in detail. Having a lot of advantages, Red JongKong Kratom Effects is one of the most preferred red strains. The primary benefits or effects of Red JongKong are-

  1. Helps in opiate withdrawal- It is a highly addictive agent that affects the sympathetic nervous system. It is highly effective against Opioid withdrawal symptoms. It is a safe option to treat addiction
  2. Reduces stress and anxiety- Many people have reported a reduction in their stress and anxiety levels while using JongKong Red Vein Kratom. This effect might vary from person to person, but if you are suffering from high stress and anxiety, it may help reduce
  3. Chronic pain relief- The presence of a considerate number of anti-toxicants and alkaloids make JongKong Red Vein an effective analgesic. It helps in reducing pain levels and is much safer than painkillers that are filled with harmful
  4. Decreases Appetite- JongKong Red Vein helps to reduce appetite and helps you limit your daily calories by a substantial margin. If you are looking forward to losing weight but are having a hard time managing your calories, then Red Bali may come in
  5. Helps to battle insomnia- Getting good sleep is complimentary to low anxiety and stress levels. JongKong Red Kratom comes in handy when you are having trouble sleeping and are looking for a viable

Every drug or medicine that has some positives also brings some negatives with it. JongKong Red Kratom is no different. Despite having many benefits, there are also some minor side-effects when used in small quantities. Some of the minor side-effects are:

  • nausea
  • tongue numbness
  • hallucinations
  • aggression
  • constipation
  • thyroid problems

The effects it causes if not used in the right quantity and getting a possible overdose are far more concerning. Some of the significant side-effects are:

  • Brain swelling
  • liver damage
  • seizure
  • death

Kratom Red Vein JongKong users also experience withdrawal effects that include twitching eyes, diarrhea, watery eyes, anxiety, anger, muscle pain, trouble sleeping and many more.

Is Red JongKong Kratom Right for you?

Kratom Red JongKong is not for everyone, and there are some particular categories of people that should keep their hand away from this drug. It’s important to note that even if you don’t belong to the groups mentioned below, but are facing side-effects, we recommend you consult a doctor.

  1. Pregnant/breastfeeding women- Pregnancy is a delicate state for women, and there isn’t any concrete information regarding the safety of using Kratom for pregnant ladies. So, its recommended to stay on the safe side.
  2. Alcohol dependency- Studies show that people who are both addicted to alcohol and Kratom have a high rate of suicide as compared to people who are only addicted to Kratom so if you are an alcohol addict its best to avoid Red JongKong.
  3. Mental disorders- People with psychiatric conditions may see their conditions worsen with the use of Kratom. There is a higher risk of suicide for people who are having any mental issues and are also using

How Much Red JongKong Kratom Should I take?

To prevent any possible side effects and to use the Red Vein JongKong Kratom effectively it’s very important to know the right amount of dosage for you. Here is a list of the dosages you can choose from according to your needs.

  • Beginner Dosage – 5g
  • Light Dose – 0-2.5g
  • Moderate Dose – 5-4.0g
  • High Dose – 0-6.0g

We would recommend you start from Beginner’s dosage and move up as your tolerance builds up. But, an important thing to remember is not to cross High Dosage as it has a considerable risk of overdose and in some cases may even cause death.

Where to buy Red JongKong Kratom

One of the advantages of choosing Red JongKong Kratom strain over other strains is its effectives and potency. However, you may not find it easily with all online vendors. However, with BKN Kratom, it is available in stock most of the time and so is easy to get your hands on. Red JongKong comes both in powder and capsules so you can find what you

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